Previously a martial arts competitor and musician, Kyle discovered dance in college. It immediately became a consuming interest. Kyle started out with Lindy Hop, Salsa and Ballroom and quickly found that his previous experience teaching physical movement in the martial arts and his experience in music made it easy for him communicate ideas in dance to his friends and classmates. Kyle put himself through the rest of school working for an Arthur Murray studio, where he was able to learn more about both dancing and teaching.
After graduation, Kyle moved to Kansas City, where he discovered his favorite dance of all, West Coast Swing. Since then he has traveled the country dancing with people from Boston to San Francisco and learning with some of the top competitors in the world. As a competitor Kyle dances at the All-star level. As an instructor Kyle teaches the West Coast Swing classes at Kansas City Swing Dance Club and helps all sorts of people out with their dancing, from wedding couples to up and coming competitors as well as teaching workshops around the Midwest. At home you’ll find him bringing swing to people all over the city, from ballrooms to blues bars.
Should you ever swing through Kansas City, drop him a line at Chances are he can point you to a place where dancing can be found, whether it’s one of his events, or at a studio, blues bar, or salsa club.